AMD’s new X3: Tri-core Processor

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The phrase “a little bit and a little too late” came into existence for a reason.  And that also applies to AMD’s new “tri-core” (read, triple core).  While it sounds cool in theory and with the performance between dual-core processors and quad-core.  That’s fine.

But as Gizmodo also noted, the price is what’s killing this great concept.  Chances are high that AMD’s new X3 isn’t so new… but rather an X4 Phenom quad-core with a failed core.  While it’s a great idea to recoup cost by spinning off a failed X4 as a new product X3, the price doesn’t justify it.  It starts at close to $200 and with only bit more, you can get Intel’s quad-core Q6600.

In my opinion of 2 cents worth, what AMD should’ve done is price the X3 to replace dual-cores.  That would’ve given the consumers more incentive to buy more of AMD’s products than Intel’s.  I don’t want AMD to die.  After all, AMD has been the only major contender in CPU market against Intel.  But if AMD keeps its practice at such terrible pace, it won’t survive the future.  I sure hope AMD sees its faults.  Soon.  Before too late.

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