Le Pauvre JJ

So JJ started complaining about his eye hurting last Thursday.  Soojin thought at first that it was his eyebrow(s) getting in his eye.  So we told him to wash his eyes.  Well, it continued.  For another day.  And then we were beginning to worry that he may have some infections… like pink eye or something.

By Friday, he kept crying and didn’t sleep through the night at all.  Now, I was WISHING it was pink eye!  Before you scream and yell at me thinking “How can you call yourself a father and wish that your son had a pink eye?!!!”, hear me out.  At least if it’s a pink eye, it’s a short-term problem.  What we were afraid of for his sake was that it was allergies!  😮

But sure enough, when Soojin took him in to doctor’s this morning, his doctor worried that is just it.  At such young age, developing allergies could prove more… lethal, as many kids also develop asthma and other worse things.  Pray for him.  Thanks.  🙂

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