The Ironic Side of Sympathy & Pain

Though it’s spring, I also still hate this time of th year… I have allergies.  I am allergic to most tree pollens and cats and dust.  I’ve been allergic to pollen & spring since I was 15 years old.  However, since moving to Texas, I get to have it twice a year!   Blessed am I!!  😛

Well, another note is that humans are selfish by nature.  We fail to understand (nor do we want to understand) others’ pains unless we ourselves have gone through it.  If I speak about the toughness of allergies with those who don’t have any, I might as well ask a Swahili-speaking person for it!  Unfortunately, same case was for Soojin.  I’ve tried to explain to her how it debilitates me at its peak, as my head spins round and round, sneezing my head off, trying to scratch my eyes and nose, wishing I could cut them off.

She developed a full-on allergy symptoms starting last year.  This year was worse.  She also experienced it a week ahead of me.  Poor Soojin.  This past weekend was my turn.   Currently, my throat area is very irritated at the moment, to say the least.  Cheat area feels inflamed, my eyes are so itchy that I want to just gouge them out!  My nose hurts even from the slightest touch now as it’s beyond being irritated!  Now, unfortunately, Soojin knows what I am going through, and sympathizes with me.

I don’t wish that kind of suffering on anyone, but I suppose that’s the sign of being human.  We simply do not wish to even try to understand others’ suffering unless we have gone through it.  So sad, really…

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  1. I used to have allergies when I lived in Austin but not much. I see you, Soojin, Jade, and John all suffering from it though. Pobrecitos.

  2. I’ve got allergies myself, but most of it hits in the fall. I’m big time allergic to ragweed. Got three words for you, bro: see an allergist…before I go and throw myself off a building from hearing another allergy story!

    Have a nice day. 😀

  3. Well, Mr. Choi! I have gone to see allergy specialist before! Shy of taking those nasty long needle shots, I have tried them all! Walk down the plank, my friend!! 😀

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