Caffeine helps women stay sharp

I love coffee… ever since I took a sniff at the age of 8, I imagined that hot choco was coffee to me.  😛  So my affinity to coffee has been very long and though may not be an aficionado by any means, I am still somewhat avid drinker still…

Well, there’s a co-worker at work who’s kind of like a godmother to me.  She told me today of how her mother (86) is still so lively and well, and that her mother’s sisters (88 and 92) are also lively and sharp.  So I asked her that she should find out about what enables them to be so.  And without a hesitation, she says, “coffee”!  😮  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that.

And she then went onto tell me about Chronicles article that stated to support her claim (and the same one that made her drink coffee again!).   It states that 3 cups of coffee or tea a day can help women over the age of 60 maintain mental sharpness!   But alas, not in men.  🙁

So dad, go ahead and tell mom to drink more coffee!!  😀  LOL…  to your health, mom!

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