The Animated JJ

One of the things I prayed/hoped for in my kids as they grew up was that they’d be able to become the types of people that could enjoy the life carpe diem style.    Well, you know what they say… be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it!! 

JJ is such case.  He is soooo animated!  He is full of expressions and isn’t afraid to show them!  Case in point, the train ride.  Pictures do speak a thousand words!

Just watching him and his expressions gives me joy and life! 

This one above is by far my favorite!  I was told that I looked like a cartoon… to me, it shows a window to enjoying the life God gave us.  I am soooo thankful and glad that JJ isn’t afraid to be himself and enjoy it! 

And to end with this picture shows just how uniquely he and his sister play … such creativity just brings me smiles. 

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