Confessions of a father: #28

So I was playing with the kids after I was done vacuuming.  It was kind of a spontaneous thing.  JJ got on my back from our bed and so I decided to jump onto the bed and let them bounce.  We did this a few times.  But when Anna got on my back after a few times, she bounced more than normal and hit her head on the corner of a shelf next to the bed!! 

There was bleeding.  I had to apply pressure to stop it.  At first, I tried to reason myself that it was Anna’s fault for bouncing too much.    Yeah, I know.  That was bad of me.  But then I realized that to truly take responsibility as a parent, you have to stand up for your share (of responsibility).  Though I didn’t throw her at the corner of the merciless shelf, I am the one responsible for playing on the bed to begin with.

She cried quite a bit.    I applied pressure for good half hour and in that time, I kept telling her that daddy was sorry and just comforted her.  Later on when Soojin found out, Soojin asked Anna if daddy yelled at her when she cried, she said no, but daddy stopped the bleeding and told her that he was sorry. 

Still…  I feel bad.  And thus ends my confessions.

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