Grand Canyon ’96

Grand Canyon Link one of the best ones I’ve found!

The four of us – Joon, Michael, Dan, and I – went to Grand Canyon but as you will find out, we went to see more than that!
This is us before leaving with our rental car, Sabrina!
We left at Wednesday night at 11:00 pm!
After 8 hours of driving, we arrived at our first stop:

Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.
Then we ate the good ol’ fashioned way! =)
Somewhere on the road to Grand Canyon National Park, we stopped by what looked like… the middle of nowhere!
Now without further adieu,… Grand Canyon pictures!
One of our few group pictures.
Isn’t this a great view??!
Boy… do we look small!
There am I stretching at the 2/3 way down the trail… after 3 hours!
Relaxing and viewing this incredible place together!
Here’s Dan enjoying the wonders and the beauty of God’s creations…After our Grand trip, we went through Flagstaff, AZ… Now if you are a fan of one of my favorite singer,
Nat King Cole, you would know of his famous song called Route 66.

Until our “little” Dan screamed it out, we totally forgot that Flagstaff, AZ is in that song! So we took a picture of the sign of the road… and no more… 8(

On the way back, we stopped by another rather cool place called
Petrified Forest in Arizona.
The tree trunks that we saw there were filled with rocks… thus petrified!Well, I hope it has been a wonderful visit seeing these wonderful pictures of God’s architecture… and remember that…

God knows architecture!

If you want to see more on the US National Parks, please visit the following site for good informations… have fun!

US National Park Service

I hope to visit Yosemite National Park one day… very soon!