Happy Second Birthday, JJ!

My little boy is now 2 years old!  😮

How time flies… he is quite a character if you haven’t met him already… but he sure is everywhere!  And he also has the personality of the younger sibling, acting all cute and being very affectionate!  🙂  It makes disciplining a bit more difficult because he acts so cute! 

I’m just thankful that God has given us such a son!  Happy birthday JJ!  Mommy and daddy love you very much!  Now, sleep! 

The Breezey Drive Home

Well, after a brisk breezes of winter taste (30’s and 40’s), we finally caught a break and today’s weather driving home was just fantastic!  I rolled down both windows and opened the moon roof and drove my regular route home trying to enjoy the drive as much as possible.  The sensation of the wind on my hair and the noise mixed with my favorite tunes was … very relaxing in the light of the past month of busy work.  Ah… it brings back the awesome memory of driving around different parts of the country in my 20’s…  If I could only catch a break…

Still it was a very releasing experience.  😉  Hope you guys have some of those…

Upcoming Microsoft Vista to have SIX versions!

Sheesh… if you haven’t heard already, Microsoft plans to release not two (like Windows XP originally but they’ve been adding more) but SIX versions of its next operating system!  😮  What is the big deal?  I am already confused about which version to get!  That’s what!  😡

Here’s the Yahoo! news article, and reading it doesn’t make it any easier for me… I KNOW that I won’t get the basic version but still…  It’s like they are out for money or something!  😛  I say “blah”!

If I had the money to start my own business…

… it would entail a computer consulting/building/repairing services.

For retail stores like BestBuy and CompUSA to charge like $50 for a measley memory upgrade (which involves opening the case and removing and placing in a stick or two of memory for total of 5 minutes!) is ludicrous to me.  In fact, it’s despicable!  😡

So much in fact, that if I ever came into large amount of money, I want to start my own non-profit computer services.  It would encompass advice and consulting on what to upgrade, best value, and other general things.  In fact, I’d NOT charge for memory upgrades!  Sheesh… The sheer greed of these corporations gets on my nerves!  I’d definitely be about affordability mixing with quality services.  

We would tell where the consumer could get the best prices be it online or retail stores, what’s good value and not.  And my advice would entail around the customer’s actual non-bloated needs!

Ok… thanks for letting me vent off…  😉

Congrats for my brother, Paul Minifee!!

Yesterday, I got an awesome news from my good friend, Paul Minifee! He’s a Ph.D.-candidate at The University of Texas at Austin studying English. Well, he told me that he got the job offer from his dream school: San Diego State University! 🙂 Woohoo!

Much congrats to my good brother for such an awesome achievement! Now, I will have to call him Professor Minifee!! Ha ha ha!! Congrats man! I’m proud of ya! 😉 website host information

The Goal for my Kids

With so many parents going just about bonkers in how to raise their cihldren, teaching them piano and violin at the age of 4, finding ways to sign up all kinds of things to learn and all, I feel like … I haven’t left Korea! 😮

The mania is catching up here as more and more parents are focusing on education and jobs and future. I find it hard to raise my kids to be… well, kids. Sending the kids to the best montessori and seeing if he/she learns faster than other kids, or develops skills faster… we, the parents, have become monsters.

In the light of this, but even well before this, I wanted my kids to grow up being kids, enjoying their youth, and not having to worry about if they can pass pre-algebra. I’m not against education. I just don’t want to get carried away like all the other parents who think that montessori is a life-changing decision for their kids.

All I want my kids to learn before they attend school is to know and learn just one thing: that their parents love them dearly. More than skills and education, I feel that today’s children grow up without the much needed basic essentials like being confident of themselves, and knowing who they are. I believe that most of this comes from the parents. I pray that Soojin and my love will be so evident that Anna and JJ will not even question whether they feel loved or not. I believe that when a child is so sure of his/her parents’ love for him/her, the child will begin life with the firm foundation. One’s self-confidence and direction, after all, comes from love. This in no way means that we will spoil them either as I can’t tolerate such selfish actions. Discipline, I believe, is also an action out of love when done responsibly.
If my kids want to learn piano and ballet, that’s one thing. I do want to push new things at them so they can experience new things of life, but I in no way ever will SHOVE it down to their throat. I will have thanked God for allowing me to be their source of confidence in their such malleable lives.

I pray that that is not asking too much: for them to grow up learning in their hearts that we love them. More than knowledge, recognition, fame, wealth, and materials, I want my kids to grow up enjoying life God has given them and live them for God to the fullest.