The Ever-rising Cost of the Next-Gen Consoles

As an aging 33-year-old gamer and a father of two with a full-time job, I do what I can to stay near the top of the gaming status. But it’s hard, and with every new iteration of new consoles going higher in price, it is becoming evermore painful to even think of buying one!

Might as well… I decided to focus hardware to be current only on my PC and since I have ’nuff games to last till Wii and PS3 and Xbox360 fall well into the price range (few years), I will do just that.

I remember having to work the summer at local K-Mart to buy my own original NES system for $100! I had to both hurry AND justify to my back then soon-to-be-wife that PS2 ($300) was also gonna be a DVD player for us! Now, if I want a decently confiured Xbox360, I have to shell out at LEAST $400 to $500?!! And PS3 to be similar?! I know that both companies lose out even at those prices… but …

Time is my only friend and the only one who will remain by my side.

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