Comparison: Rock64 vs Raspberry Pi 3

For those of you who don’t’ know, Raspberry Pi is a small palm sized single board computer that you can program to do certain tasks.  Raspberry Pi has a huge following of users due to the fact that it has been around much longer than Pine64’s Rock 64. 

However, there are other single board PCs from Pine64 and other manufacturers that have been around awhile as well.  And Pine64 sets eyes of this popularity with their very own Rock64.


While they have their limitations, these mini devices have the following applications:

·        Low cost PC/Tablet/Laptop

·        Media Center

·        Industrial /Home Automation

·        Web Camera

·        IoT Applications

·        Robotcs

·        Server/Cloud Server

·        Gaming

·        Security Monitoring


In terms of similarity, both devices look like mini circuit boards that need some sort of case. The circuit board houses components and ports for connecting power, video and sound.

Both circuit boards use the a Cortex-A53 CPU. Rock64 is documented to run at 1.4GHz while Raspberry Pi 3 is documented to run at 1.2 GHz.


Raspberry Pi 3 and Rock 64 differ in the area of connection ports and price.  For example Rock64 supports USB3.0 while the Pi supports Bluetooth 4.1.

Rock64 boasts support for HD as well as 4k video output while the Raspberry Pi only lists support for HD.


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