The Danbocchi Soundproof Cardboard Studio is a cheap whisper room

Danbocchi Whisper Room

If you’ve ever lived in or visited someone in an apartment in Japan, you know how much sound travels. Talking too loud can have you worried that the neighbors will be upset with you, so it can be very difficult to pursue any hobby or career that makes a lot of sound. This includes everything from playing an instrument and voice acting to playing video games and being immersed in music that’s turned all the way up.

Space is also an issue there, so it makes sense that this Danbocchi Soundproof Cardboard Studio would be created. It’s a less-professional whisper room that’s made out of lightweight materials, weighing in at 66.6lbs once it is completely set up. You will need to put things together on your own, but there aren’t many pieces, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it being as difficult as furniture from IKEA.

When it’s assembled, it measures 3.6 x 3.6 x 5.4′, which should give you enough room to at least sit comfortably in the box. This isn’t a cheap box made of cardboard, costing you $1,618, but it is certainly cleaner than anything you could jerry-rig at home out of grocery store boxes. There are a couple different variations of this box for those that have more or less space, but none cost less than a grand, so it’ll need to be a pretty serious consideration to dump money into.

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