Vertical Forest Towers In China To Produce Over 132 Pounds Of Oxygen Daily

These are the Nanjing Towers being constructed in Nanjing, China and scheduled for completion sometime next year. They will be Asia’s first vertical forests (previously: a similar building in Switzerland, designed by the same architect,Stefano Boeri, who clearly loves greenery), feature over 1,000 trees, 2,500 shrubs, and produce over 132 pounds of oxygen per day. For reference, that’s almost enough for me provided I don’t panic and start breathing heavy, which is unlikely. I am a constant panic attack. I’m pretty sure the last time I got a good night’s sleep I was still in utero. Since then life’s pretty much been a constant fear of monsters, ghosts, school, work, relationships, health, and not getting stabbed by a stranger on public transportation. And my parents act like I’m the one that’s crazy for still wanting to sleep in their room at night.
Keep going for two more shots.
Thanks to Stephanie B, who’s just happy to keep her one plant alive.

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