Is GT All It’s Cracked Up To Be?!

No, I am not talking about cars… though it is something I can easily talk about.  I am referring to the “Gifted & Talented” program.  One of our kids, I won’t mention who, has been nominated and admitted into the GT program.  I for one am not so sure about it though… especially in regards to long-term perspective.

Sure it allows advanced or fast-learning kids to not get bored by giving them more stuff… but I see more drawbacks than anything else… Let me explain.  First of all, smart people are easily anti-social and tend to not work well with people… especially those that they don’t consider as intelligent.  Second of all, smart people don’t understand how the world turns.  On the daily level.  Intelligent people tend to get isolated from what normal average people feel and experience.

Ok, so you may think that I am exaggerating things and stereotyping people a bit.  And that is true but so far, I haven’t been proved wrong.  I worry that GT program would isolate the child even further than necessary from regular people and how things turn around daily…  If you recall, I have said over and over that I’d trade smart kids for sociable ones on any given day!  Smart kids tend to think better of themselves.  My wife’s friend’s child is showing such symptoms, as well as co-worker’s son.  I am not saying that all smart people are evil.  But it sure seems easy to become so…

If this world is to become a better place, we need people who can tolerate others and work with others.  Together.  Not a bunch of smart self-reliant people.  Take that as my 2 cents… If humility can be in co-existence though… then it can save the intelligent.

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  1. I actually think we need more smart, self-reliant people in this world to make it a better place. However, I don’t think you meant self-reliant, but more self-absorbed, vain and isolated.

    Anyway, not surprising that one of your kids got into the gifted and talented, they had rich a genetic stock to draw from. 😉

  2. peter, trust in God and your abilities as parents not to raise a jerk 😉 their personalities and gifts are going to shine through whether they’re in GT or not, so it’s good to facilitate their intellectual growth. these programs are designed with all areas of development (social included) in mind. congrats!

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