Learning From My Own Conversations

I spoke with a friend from the past couple of weeks ago.  Won and I go back some 15 years but he’s not your typical sociable person or does he keep in touch even though we are great friends.  In our conversation, we spoke about some deep stuff.  You see, if you know Won, you know that he doesn’t like to deali-dally in the conversations.  He likes to get down to the important stuff.

In our conversation, he complained about how he felt so fake at a church’s small group asking about what he does for a living and what school he graduated from, only to have them change from “oh” to “oooh” after learning his school credentials (you see, my friend graduated from Harvard MBA program).  As proud as I am of him for being so smart, it does irritate me when he complained that it’s hard to “go beyond the surface”.  He wants to be able to develop relationships on a deper level beyond the tip of the iceberg.

I think we all want that.  However, as I had told my friend, unless you have the teleporting capability, we all have to go through the tip of the iceberg or the surface (the 10% of the iceberg) if we are to see the iceberg in its entirety.  Quanity must come if we are to seek quality.  As dull and annoying as it is, we all must go through the “10% of the iceberg” (aka. the tip), if we are to establish anything signficant in terms of relationships.

Of course, he was annoyed because he knew that I was right.  After this conversation, I realized how important that point is, and how I must keep at it, even if it means asking the dreadful questions like “how is your week?” or “anything new?”

Taking that one step even further, if we are to develop meaningful relationship with God, we must spend much time with Him in the Bible reading and praying, even if it seems repetitious and boring a lot of times.  While qaulity is superior to quantity, you cannot obtain quality without quantity.

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