Outdoor Ice Skating in Houston

It is doable!  Even in Houston, it’s doable to ice skate outside!

It’s available through January 18, 2010 at Discovery Green.  Sure it costs $10 per person (even for a 5-year-old kid!), but it’s an experience not easy to come by!  Especially for a hot place like Houston!  It was my kids’ first time on ice and skates at the same time!  I was unsure how they would respond to it but they responded phenomenally!  Sure it was crowded but JJ loved every minute of it!  He “skated” as if he was tip toe walking it (that’s because he did!) and Anna seemed almost natural!

This Friday, some families from our church will go to Galveston’s Moody Gardens for its Festival of Lights, a light show that is annual.  During my 11 years of life in Houston, we have yet to go!  So it will be fun I hope… and ice skate again!





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