My Secret Dream of the Past: Rally Racing

Yes, you read that right.  After reading about this Suzuki SX4 winning the famous Pike’s Peak rally racing, I was reminded of my secret dream of my past (and still present).  Ever since high school years, I developed serious interest in cars.  And racing.

No, I don’t have any racing experience.  I wish.  It’s an expensive career to get into.  You gotta start as an amateur and you need serious cash to get started.  So obviously, I never got into it.  If JJ wants to become one and has the means to do it, I’m very tempted to encrouage him!  😮  But it’s not just any racing that I’m interested in… it’s the rally racing.  Why?  It’s because I find track racing too… boring.  You drive around the same track over and over and scenery doesn’t change.  What’s the fun in that?!  Enter the rally racing and it’s a constant change of scenery and roads!  That’s why you need a co-driver in rally racing… one who navigates each turns and plans ahead!

Shucks… At this point in time of my life, I’d be happy to just drive through one course one time.  🙁

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