Trip out to the Blue Bell Creamery & Bluebonnets

The state flower of Texas is bluebonnets.  And they are in season!!  We saw fields and patches of these on our trip out to… the Blue Bell Creamery!  It was spring break week so we didn’t realize that there would be a LOT of people!

The moms chatted.

This is the line accentuated with green color.

Max seemed like he was born & ready for Navy!

And they had their own moonwalks!!  But it was too hot to jump in them!!

And the family picture… wish I could’ve taken pictures of the inside… but 1) it wasn’t permitted and 2) there wouldn’t have been anything inside worth shooting.  The entire tour was a rather disappointing half hour or so.  I was hoping for more up-close-and-personal but oh well.  It wasn’t a total loss because …

These yellow flowers were EVERYWHERE!!  About 4 miles south of Brenham on 290 was this vast HUGE field of yellow flowers!!!  They were wild!!

And now onto the … bluebonnets!

And let us end with this shot of Soojin “trying” to jump into the air!  😀

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