Apple Greed: Proprietary chip in Shuffle earphones?!!


I knew that Apple (and all other companies) was greedy but… WTH?!  Apple put proprietary chip in the new Shuffle’s earphones?!!  This means that you can’t just use other earphones or headphones!!  You have to shell out extra if you want a better one ’cause other third parties will have to pay a licensing fee to Apple to build a Shuffle-compatible earphones!!  WTH?!!  Now, I really despise Apple!  😡

Oh and I am on a roll!!!  Three post in one day!!  Woohoo to me!  😛

6 Replies to “Apple Greed: Proprietary chip in Shuffle earphones?!!”

  1. i agree it does suck.

    but company’s number one goal is to make money for it’s shareholders. I think it’s a pretty evolutionary product but apple isn’t perfect. this is just one of those products you sweep under the rug.

    don’t hate the apple. look at Microsoft putting out a shitty os and making you buy it cause it’s the standard. and don’t even get me started on the stupid office products that changes the filename extensions and isn’t backward compatible without a patch that no one else knows about. that’s greed!

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