Growing into Transition

Last year when Anna started school as a Kindergartener, I had the privilege of taking her to school more or less everyday. After weaning from separation anxiety, each morning she’d go to her class but as she walked away, she’d look back several times to me and wave goodbye. Even a teacher who stood in the area eventually picked up on Anna’s habit and would predict on when she’d turn back to look at me and wave one last time. Naturally, I stood to see her off until she wasn’t in my sight anymore.

This year as a first grader, I guess she’s getting into it much more. Now when she walks to her class, there has been increasing number of times when she just would wave without looking back. 🙁 At first, I thought she was in a hurry or something… or maybe I just wished so. She did it again several times this week… and honestly, it’s sad. I can only imagine how things would change when she’s older… Ah the growing pains…

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  1. i was gonna say something “funny”, but i can imagine the feeling when it will happen with ethan & megan.

    it is quite the sad thought…really.


  2. they will want their space, just as you wanted your space from your parents.

    Not to worry, though, I feel that as we face our own mortality and later on as they face theirs, they will want to re-connect as they too look to their past and their own future (ie, their own kids) – I know that sounds strange, but I cannot help but relate what we will feel or have felt and what they, our children, will do or did with what our parents felt when we were like them.

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