Frustration-Free Packaging from

Lately, more and more things we buy are packaged sooo tightly that it’s a chore in itself to unpack it!  I have to cut at least 5 places before I can get things loose from its captivating box.  And this would be AFTER I had to cut through the plastic packaging around the product just so I could open it up!  😡

I understand that people want to protect it and keep it out of children’s reach… but come on!!  So it’s 1) no surprise, and 2) great pleasure to hear and find out that is doing something about it~!  They will start with their top selling items to ship it in what they are now calling “frustration-free packaging”!

Frustration-Free Packaging

I am just saddened that we had to come THIS far to stop it!  nice name… gonna call it FF packaging?!  😛

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