Datsun 240Z/Fairlady Concept Designs

* Picutre belongs to Iacoski Design

I’ve always been a fan of Datsun 240Z and Nissan 280Z/300ZX series… Now, Nissan brought awesome GTR (though controversial with unfair horsepower reporting) to the fans…

Then I found these mouth-watering awesome concept designs on Datsun 240Z/Fairlady! If you recall, 240Z had long hood and was fairly quick to its feet in its time. I really hope that they bring this to reality… ’cause I’d buy one in a heartbeat! This is also reminiscing of 240SX, also known in Japan as Fairlady. Click the picture or head to Autoblog for more pictures!

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  1. Kinda confused…is this a rendering of the next Z or is Nissan thinking of reintroducing the 240SX?

    If it is the new Z, then from the looks of it (and I can be totally wrong as I am looking at a rendering and not a real car)it is reversing a trend that I have been seeing in Nissan performance cars – that of getting bigger, heavier and more powerful. This seems smaller (and thus probably lighter) than the current Z. Cant wait to see the specs.

  2. Oh, also I believe the 240SX is known as the Silvia not Fairlady. I think the Fairlady is Z.

  3. You are right on the Silvia part! I don’t know how I could get that confused! 😮 As for the design, it’s a design STUDY by a separate design firm.

  4. you guys seriously dont know what a 240z is? wow.. thats a shame. this is a 240z (fairlady z) concept.. not a 240sx (silvia) concept.

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