Teeth Incident

Ah the joys of raising kids… I was going to let them watch bit of TV (JJ loves Thomas the Tank Engine) and then off to the library for Thursday’s Family Time.  Then all of a sudden, Anna rushes to me crying!  Hard! 

She was bleeding in her mouth… turns out Anna was biting on a blanket, and JJ pulled on it.  Hard!  Her teeth were loose… Yikes.  After much panicking, I called Soojin and then Sanghee for advice.  Both told me to ice her teeth area to rid the pain.

After some time, bleeding stopped and spoke with her dentist who told me what I needed to hear.  Don’t bother taking her to ER ’cause all we will do is wait and they won’t do anything.  She told me to just ice it, stop the bleeding, and feed her liquids and soft foods only.

Ah the excitement of raising children… one bites and one pulls. 

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