nVidia 8800GT: Shock of the Year!

So nVidia has been holding the top bar in terms of video graphics in PC market for past year or so with its 8800 series video cards.  I’ve wished someone would give me one… anyone be it 8800GTX, 8800GTS 640 MB, or 8800GTS 320MB.  But the lowest of the three being about $300 doesn’t help.  🙁

So I was more than pleasantly shocked to hear about the releas and previews of 8800GT 512 MB card that would surpass 8800GTS class and come close to the performance of 8800GTX!!  😮  Best part is that the price would be about $250!!

Holy moley, guacamole!!

Read some previews on this monster budget killer!!

Tom’s Hardware Article

Guru3D Article

Firing Squad Article/Preview

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