“There Is No Me Without You” – A look into tragic reality in Ethiopia, poverty, and orphans

Our required reading is a book by the title of “There is no me without you” by Melissa Fay Greene.  I’ve been putting off the reading for some time now… It’s not that I’m just lazy.  This book scares me.    Why?  The author tells of her travels and stories of her accounting of Ethiopia and she captures the reality of the country’s situation so well, it should scare any normal person!

I had very difficult time getting through the first chapter.  It’s not that it’s boring.  It is just that it’s sooo tragic!  If there is any decency in the reader, he/she shouldn’t be able to get past the first chapter without tears, trying to hold back how tough life is for so many people.  It’s just mind boggling how poor so many are around the world, and especially in a country called Ethiopia.

If anyone complains of being “poor” or anything close in resemblance, read the book!  Then you will realize that you are richer than 70% of the world’s population!    I don’t know what little person like me can do.  I can only pray that God would use a person like me to show compassion to such people.  In the end, I pray that this mission trip will only be a beginning, a reconnaissance trip to see how we can be of help over long term.

Haregewoin is true hero.  I dare say that she is “bigger” than Mother Teresa.    Read this book!  Please!!!  And get involved most of all…

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