You know you are a dad when…

1. …you find out that the cheese slice for your lunch has a bite mark on it.
2. …you realize that your cars have as much toys as you do at home.
3. …you begin to sing your child’s favorite tune… without them near you!
4. …you put your ring on the other hand just so that your son can touch it while he sleeps.
5. …you buy 2 boxes of “Basic 4” just so that your children can eat it … every week!
6. …you don’t have pictures of you and your wife anymore…
7. …you think that getting 6 hours of sleep is plenty, and 8 is just unthinkable!
8. …you go to 2 bookstores to find the other 3 plush toys of Backyardigans so that they can be complete!

More to come as I remember some more…

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