Ah the perils of parenthood… decisions decision, decisions!!

I hated it when my father couldn’t make it to anything… be it our sports events, let alone spend more time with us.  He was always busy, and he had “good excuses” too… after all, he was a pastor!  Though I somewhat understood the price of being a PK (Pastor’s Kid), I had told myself that I would never let my kids pay the “price of ministry”.  Well, I’m not a pastor but here I am in the perils of things…

Soojin has been very brave and has been taking the kids to Young Nak’s VBS (Vacation Bible Study).  Someday, Pathways will have our own… but till then, this will do.  Well, tomorrow night is special.  Instead of typical 1 to 4 pm meeting time, tomorrow is from 3 to 9 pm!  And get this, the children are doing some kind of presentation at 7 pm or so!!  So I was at a dilemma of things…  It is someone’s special dinner that it coincides with! 

I was arguing with myself on what to do… but I came back to that decision one more time… that I would not let my kids suffer, especially at such young and tender age.  Anna already showed me some of the motions to a song that they will be doing tomorrow!  Ah…

So I am sorry that I won’t make the dinner…  Learning to put my kids first is turning out to be quite a difficult process!

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