Ethiopia Mission Trip Update: Day #1

So! We have arrived here in Addis Ababa! Thank God! After what felt like forever, we landed safely! Christine is doing well though she is still blind. Pastor Shawn lost his bag for a bit but they eventually found it!

We are all in good spirit here. We met up with Dorothy, the PC-USA missionary, who showed us the Bethel Synod Compound we are staying at. It’s too nice!

Please pray for us as the biggest difficulty has been dealing with street beggars that flood the car if it stops even for a bit. Lots of disfigured, sick, and just hungry people here. Dorothy warned us against giving food out (or even money!) blindly ’cause they fight for the food!

Just wanted to let you all know we are here. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us! We have morning service @ 8 am here. Thank you for your prayers!

Peter on behalf of the Team.

Soojin’s Rollercoaster

Soojin’s rollercoaster is located between Clear Lake City Blvd and Pineloch.  It’s on the southbound side of El Camino Real.  What is it?  It’s a bump at an intersection!  We were dropping off a gift to Soojin’s friend who lived in Korea for 12 years (though she’s half Caucasian and half Chinese!) and who was going to go to North Carolina with her family (she has 4 kids!) for family reunion!  The gift was a box of this newly found ramen called “Teum-sae” Ramen which is rather good and Soojin learned that her friend loves ramen!    Since they were leaving tomorrow morning, we dropped it off after Komart and on the way home, she said to take a slight detour to go through this intersection.

She calls it “rollercoaster”.  Why?  She’s scared to wits of them!  So this drive over a bump is her idea and limit on her “rollercoaster”!  So says to me, “Can you make a left at El Camino?”  I knew then that she wanted her “rollercoaster”.  She then tells me to stay on the right side and go faster! 

And as I “fly” over the bump at 45 mph or so, she goes “Woo hoo!”.  Cute.  She’s such unique person.  Please pray for her while I’m gone.  Thank you!  I will miss you honey! 

ER x 5

I’ve never been to ER in my life… until I lost my eye sight temporarily!
It happened when I was a Research Assistant at UT and worked with lasers. This one particular UV lamp bounced around a chamber (as a wave) and “fried” my eyes temporarily. My eyes hurt whether I close them or not! It was my very first time at ER…

Then, I got married. Soojin cut her left index fingertip off one day cutting odang (fishcake) and went to ER only to wait several hours. She got it back together thanks to her never-giving up attitude.

Then we went again when Anna was about a year old and her fever was over 104F!! Only to wait like 6 hours and get stupid Infant Motrin! We were back earlier again this year when Anna had some kinda stomach virus and kept throwing up even liquids! But we were there for 8 hours!

Then this past Sunday, Soojin and Sanghee went to Texas Children’s Hospital for JJ’s nasty gash! Out of our 5 experiences, we have learned to avoid Clear Lake Regional Medical Center with 100-yard stick and if it’s our kids and not life-threatening, we are better off driving up to Texas Children’s!!

I avoided hospitals and ERs for so long… but having a family definitely makes that ER avoidance impossible! Oh well… at least we are all better and we have all been to ER at least once!


Yikes!  What a day!

So we are at church.  I’m setting up the computer and others for service, and Soojin’s doing her usual greeting preparations… suddenly JJ comes running crying!  And what do I see?!!  A huuuuge gash on his right rear forehead!!   😮

The gash was about 1/4″ deep and half inch or so long!  I’m not that worried ’cause it looked like a bad scar but nothing serious.  Soojin takes a look and she is freaking out to the nth degree!!

Eventually, we decide to wait for Sanghee Samonim to get here (she’s a RN) and get her opinion who says at her arrival that JJ needs to get to ER.  So Soojin and Sanghee leave for Texas Children’s Hospital.

Eventually, the doctors decide to pull the skins together to apply… some kind of crazy glue!  😮  Yikes… I never knew that there’s an alternative to the old fashioned stitches!  Anyhow, Soojin later told me how well JJ was at the ER.  He didn’t cry one bit!  Even the nurses and the doctor were surprised!  He made me so proud.

Kids play and get hurt.  I’m just glad and thankful that it wasn’t worse.  Boys though do play rougher and are more prone to such larger damage.  Oh well.  C’est la vie!

Ethiopian Mission Trip draws nigh…

Well, now there’s only 6 more days till we leave for Ethiopia! 
Though I’ve been to Thailand, Mexico, Haiti, and Lousiana for mission trips, this will mark momentous occasion for me as it will be the first (and hopefully many more) time in Africa!  Please pray for the preparations…  Thank God that last two passports for our 7 members came in!  Yeah…

Please pray for safety, health, and effectiveness of our time there…