100 Things About Me…

Let’s start with things you don’t know about me (this is copied from a friend of mine, Roland, which I thought was an excellent idea!):

  1. I lived in England for 2.5 years
  2. High school is from New Jersey
  3. Favorite classical composer is J.S. Bach
  4. I graduated from an engineering school known as WPI
  5. I’ve lived in Texas for 12 years!
  6. I play Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior several times a week!
  7. I used to LOVE country music … when I was in high school!!
  8. Give me tofu for food anyday!! 😀
  9. I learned both English and French at the same time!
  10. Two of my all-time favorite movies are “Spaceballs” and “Princess Bride”.
  11. I learn most of my (limited) Japanese from watching anime
  12. Both my father and my brother are pastors.
  13. Given a movie, I crave for a plot-driven one. Then comes character development and action.
  14. My dream car still is Acura NSX
  15. I never graduated from elementary or junior high school.
  16. Both my father and my brother are pastors.
  17. Took Calculus in high school… in my junior year
  18. My favorite author in high school was Arthur C. Clarke
  19. I spent countless hours playing RPG games on my hard-earned NES
  20. My Verbal SAT score was almost half of my Math SAT score 😮
  21. I observed how calculus was applied in real life
  22. I loved to derive equations and formulae
  23. I memorized a car’s performance and features
  24. I could tell what car was on the road after a quick glance
  25. Star Trek: The Next Generation is da bomb
  26. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard is da man. “Engage”. “Make it so, Number One.”
  27. I love sci-fi and fantasy movies
  28. Was a fan of Lord of the Rings before the trilogy movies came out.
  29. “Baldur’s Gate I and II” are masterpieces
  30. I was a bookworm when I turned nine. All I did was read.
  31. My major was aerospace engineering.
  32. I catch up on latest technology developments
  33. My hobby is building and tweaking computers.
  34. I like to fix computers
  35. I (used to) help moderate four computer/technology forums
  36. I play loads of games, mainly on PC
  37. “Final Fantasy VII” is a masterpiece
  38. My favorite language is French.
  39. I learned French and German.
  40. I thrive on cool gadgets
  41. Yet I’m very weary of technological advancements
  42. I know “pi” to 10th decimal place.
  43. My job is a rocket science.
  44. Nothing beats a hot bowl of pho from “the trailer”
  45. I followed through Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and are now debt free!

… more will be added as they come.