Find Deep Discounts on International Flights Using This Search Tool

While travel often is something we plan weeks and months in advance with specific travel dates in mind, sometimes you just know where you want to go and you’re willing to make that trip whenever it makes sense.

This week some friends of mine that are digital nomads, in that they don’t have a home and are traveling constantly, introduced me to Kiwi—and I’m hooked. It

The site allows you to search for travel to specific destinations by travel dates, but also allows you to be willing to travel “anytime” and get suggestions on when makes the most sense for you to make that trip. The “when” might be sooner than you think.

I did a quick anytime search for flights from San Francisco to Paris and found a $267 round trip ticket that leaves on December 6th, in just a few weeks, and returns December 16th. If that didn’t quite work for me the site offered a number of other options that were around the same price with different departure and return dates.

Searches can be tailors by the cabin class you want to fly, how many stops you’re willing to take, and how long you’re willing to stay in the air, amongst other things.

One thing my friend’s liked about it was that when you search for one-way flights, the site will highlight the round-trip options that are cheaper than flying one-way as well.

It works a bit better for international travel than trips inside the US. It also pulls in info from smaller local airlines where you’re traveling, a definite bonus for US travelers who might otherwise only see local airlines that work with US carriers in their results.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip I the next few months, the site is worth giving a try—you might find a bargain.

via Lifehacker

November 9, 2019 at 08:01AM

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