From Engadget: Dundee student designs Passive Play toy cube to stimulate parent interaction with autistic children

Dundee student designs Passive Play toy cube to improve parents interaction with autistic children

A University of Dundee scholar has been working on a wonderful tool that aims to evoke the emotional connection between children with autism and their parents. While we’ve seen novelties like the My Keepon in the past, any addition to the cause is always a pleasant one, and the Passive Play’s no exception. The concept comes in the form of an interactive toy cube for the kid (pictured above), which pairs up with an iOS app and allows the parent to see any interaction the little one is having with the device. Passive Play’s creator, Tom Kirkman, says his inspiration comes from “wanting to learn more about autism,” and in case you happen to be in the UK, he’ll be showing off the project at Dundee University later this month. For all those details, be sure to check out the PR after the break.

from Engadget

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