Relient K and mae Concert

So thanks to Joy and Joanna, I found out that these two bands were coming to town! 
This was back in February or so and I was ecstatic to go as they were some of my recent favorites… in addition to Thousand Foot Krutch, Sanctus Real, and Kutless.

However, it was turning out to be rather a difficult day… with John & Joann’s baby June’s 100th Day celebration and Yong Baek & Jenn’s baby Lauren’s 1st birthday, on top of all day rain, things were … challenging.

Still, I managed to leave at 8:20 pm or so though the concert started at 8 pm.  Soojin graciously drove home separately taking the kids home and I made it to downtowon’s Verizon Theater.  But with no cash, I had to find a street parking in the rain.  By the time I got in, it was about 8:40 pm or so already and I was worried that I had missed mae’s opening act.    However, when I called Joy to join the gang of Chris and James, I was pleasantly surprised that the opening act that just finished was not mae, but Sherwood!! 

When mae came onto the stage, I was again surprised that their “energy” was nothing like their album!  They were… “louder” than they sounded on the album… expecting more of British-invasion-like band sound, I was glad to find out that they were more like Thousand Foot Krutch in live.  And then came the Relient K!  I was thoroughly enjoying it at this point…  I almost lost my voice that night as I was singing as loud as I could along with them.  That’s the way I enjoy the concerts… I have to be able to sing along with them.  Otherwise, why bother coming, right?

However, I did feel a bit… out of place.  99% of the audience was under 20… heck maybe even under 17!    All these kids jumping and such… I did my bit of share of head banging and such but nothing compared to them!  I was there to the end as the others left just a bit earlier… I was soooo hoping that they would play “Less is more” at the end but… oh well.

On Sunday, James made a comment on the likes of how he expected me to be the type that sang hymnals all day.  LOL…  Well, I was even more glad to help him break his stereotyping!    Thanks again Joy for “organizing”.  My ears were ringing a bit for the rest of the night…  but I enjoyed it.

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