Fold for a cure please!!

As some of you know, I’ve lost a lot of relatives and friend to cancer… my grandfather to lung cancer, my uncle to liver & lung cancer, my cousin to leukemia, my grandma to another cancer, my aunt to another cancer…  Our beloved friend was lost to stomach cancer and over the weekend, I learned of more tragedies…

Soojin had already lost two uncles (on her mom’s side) to liver cancer and now the only remaining uncle just discovered he has liver cancer as well!    Soojin’s worried that her mom will eventually also get it.  So Soojin’s oldest aunt had died less than a year ago…

The list just goes on… I felt so helpless… ’cause I wanted to help in whatever I could… turns out I wasn’t too far… I discovered Folding @ Home, a distributed computing developed by Stanford professor.  You basically allow Stanford to run protein folding simulations on your computer and pass on the info.  If you own a computer, you can help in fighting the cancer!  I leave both of my computers on 24/7!  Even with increased fuel costs, it doesn’t cost that much to run them 24/7.  If a PC uses 500 W, even in a day, that’s 12 kW-hr.  At rates like even conservative 20 cents/kW-hr, that is only $2.40 a day, but likely about $1.80 a day (since current rate is about 15 cents/kW-hr and normal PC uses 300W or so).

I fold so that I don’t have to lose people.  Do you?  Please consider it!!  I will even give out free tech support for it!! 

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